Wanda_McGloverThis woman was brutally murdered! She is a mother of four, a foster parent to three boys, an advocate of rights, justice and fairness, an intelligent, college graduate, pillar of the community, stellar accomplished influential genius. She was a woman of class, dignity and strength. A single parent who aspired for her children. Wanda McGlover's next trip was to accompany a group of high school students across the country to help enroll them into college. This was a woman whose dreams were to help, assist, direct, and encourage all who would come. THIS WAS NOT A HIT AND RUN...

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Wanda McGlover

On Friday September 21st at 8:11am my mother called me and we spoke for 19 minutes. Before the call was ended someone came up to her and grabbed her cell phone and as she screamed my name they hung it up.

I immediately called 911 but because I was in Atlanta, it forwarded me to Atlanta police. Who told me they could not transfer the call nor call 911 in California for me and that I would have to call 411 to get the information myself. I then called my sister who lives less then a mile from my mother, also sent her a text message stating that mother was being mugged/attacked while on her daily walk, call 911 and go look for her. I then sent the same message to my brother who lives with my mother.

While briefly awaiting my sister's call back, I called the official police station in Temecula and was sent through the automated system. My sister called during that call. She asked me what was going on and I said just call the police, tell them within a 3 mile radius a woman in being attacked. She hung up with me and proceeded to call the police. She then went to my mother's house and awoke my brother and they both in separate cars began searching for my mother.

Within minutes my brother found my mother had been dragged from one side of the street to the other and dumbed in a ditch on the side of the road directly across the street from the local area park. She had been severely beaten. Her eye was mangled and hanging out of its socket, her head had so much trauma that it seemed she had two heads. My sister pulled up quickly after my brother, however could not get too close to our mother. My brother held my mother's hand until the police arrived.

She was still breathing, her body was striving desperately to survive. My mother died at the hospital within minutes of getting there due to the head trauma she endured.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE AND/OR Sheriff's Central Homicide Unit at 951-955-2777